A Body-first Approach To Taming The Anxiety Beast 

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Positive-affirmation slayer

Nervous System Regulation + Somatic Coaching

  • Rest and replenish without guilt

  • Experience more joy, confidence and inner peace

Without another damned affirmation or good-vibes-only mindset work. 

  • Feel at ease 

A compassionate and sustainable way to:

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"Caroline reverse Fifty Shaded me... and helped me feel understood

I recently went through a traumatic situation which I thought I had to deal with alone. But dearest Queen Caroline showed me otherwise!

My feelings seemed like they were hostage to that event. I told her I felt like I was choking (not the fun kind) and Caroline whipped me out of it. 

In several steps, she detangled the whole situation with possibly the most creative visualisation techniques. 

What had been weighing on me for DAYS had disappeared in mere 40 minutes. 

Caroline's words, exercises, the guided meditation in her soothing voice - everything works!

I've written for many "soul" clients I love and respect, and Caroline's outlook on life and business is on par with them!

One more thing:
Ma’am please trademark your: 'Unless I choose to cancel myself, no one can cancel me' #burn #shotsfired" 

Karima Khan
6-Figure Launch Strategist
 and Copywriter

Hello fellow human. if you'Re feeling...


Lemme roll out the welcome mat for you, my fellow human. You're not alone and you'll never be.

If there's only one thing I'd like you to get from landing on this page, it's this: 

*You* are the answer you've been looking for

Anxious Fear Worry Nervousness Restless Panic Shame Lonely  Guilt Dread Shame Hopeless Overwhelmed Lonely Self-doubt Angst Mothertruckin' Tired All. The. Damn. Time...

To be specific, the answer is in your body. 

To be more specific, it's in your brain.

To be even more specific, it's your nervous system.

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When you have...

A Regulated Nervous System

The shock and trauma of trying to survive in this modern world doesn't have lasting detrimental effects on your health.  

We can weather the storms of Life and pick ourselves up with compassion – only to become more resilient, each time we do.
But when our nervous system isn't so well-oiled...
(through no fault of our own – we were never taught how to do this at school)

You end up on sites like mine, looking for answers.

But I'll repeat myself once more:

YOU are the answer you've been looking for

And I'd be chuffed as a well-fed chipmunk to be your nervous system regulation buddy and somatic coach, guiding you back to the inner safety of your sanctuary and home: You.

Guten Tag!

I'm Caroline

A karaoke-lovin', German marryin' Corean-Aussie human who helps other humans human better by:

  • Getting them out of their minds and into their body more
  • Holding space for all their experiences and emotions
  • Supporting them as they discover how to regulate their central nervous systems

more about moi

As a born-again Coach-ian, it's not just my pleasure – it's my duty – to spread the magic of nervous system regulation.

See, there was a time when I was a scared and anxious ball of a mess who was trying all the things to feel "normal", sleep better and be good/worthy enough for <fill in the blank>.

I was exhausted, depressed and miserable AF until I discovered my life coach, who led me down the delightful rabbit hole of inner safety.

The rest, as they say, is history.

And now I'm paying it forward by coaching others feel at ease again, encouraging naps and extolling the virtues of being a well-rested bech. 

Also ex-Launch Strategist + Copywriter for Coaches

Nervous System Regulation + Somatic Coach

Regulating Your
Nervous System

Less anxiety
Nervous system regulation techniques can help decrease the intensity and frequency of anxiety symptoms, giving you a calmer and more relaxed state of mind

Better physical health
Experience fewer physical symptoms such as muscle tension, gastrointestinal problems and less stress

Improved Emotional Regulation
Regulate your emotions like a motherflower and reduce the negative impact of emotional ups and downs on your mental health

Better Relationships
When you're able to regulate your emotions and stress responses, you're be able to respond to others with more empathy, patience, and understanding

Increased Resilience
Bounce back more quickly from setbacks, deal more effectively with stressors, and maintain a sense of balance and well-being even in challenging situations 

Stronger Boundaries
By developing a greater awareness of your needs and personal limits, you can set and enforce healthy boundaries without breaking too much of a sweat

More Self-Compassion and Love
The deeper awareness of your thoughts, feelings and experiences through CNS regulation allows you to cultivate kindness towards yourself...

even in moments of extreme difficulty

The Life changing magic of 

Less Brain Fog and Improved Mental Clarity 
Enjoy better concentration, memory and decision-making abilities 

Nervous System Regulation
+ Somatic Coaching

Marketing + Messaging

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How I can Help You

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions online
  • No contracts or minimum number of sessions
  • Choose the kind of support you need with a range of approaches such as body grounding, breath work, hypnosis and EFT

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions online
  • No contracts or minimum number of sessions
  • Choose the kind of help you need for your messaging, copywriting, website, USP, sale pages, emails + launching needs

For the anxious human who needs more focused support with cultivating resilience and making empowering changes that last

For the human who gets anxious just thinking about marketing, and wants help to make their magic sparkle and shine online AND offline 

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SUPER Tasty testies* from

*short for testimonials

Ry Schwartz
Launch Consultant, Author and Lead Coach at Empire Engineering For Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators

Sara Sheriff
Artist, Doll-Maker and Founder of Wildwood Maker

Caroline is the most talented copywriter I've ever met!

This praise is not hyperbole; I've never met a more adaptable writer or one with as much wit and charm.

As a writer and writing coach, I greatly respect her wordsmithery talents and the breadth of experience she offers.

Caroline never takes her gifts for granted -- she's a perpetual seeker of knowledge.

She loves to learn and grow as much as I do, which is why I've entrusted her as my mentor and coach in all things copywriting and UX."

Why this queen chose me to coach her
"The most personable and fun person I've ever worked with

Camille Campins-adams
Book coach & book launch strategist
Florida, USA 

How To Get Started

1. Choose a time that suits you

2. Connect with your body

3. Watch what happens :)

I'll also answer any questions you might have via the booking link

We'll start each coaching with a grounding exercise and finish with ONE simple activity for your CNS

With patience and perseverance, the sky is the limit when you create unshakeable inner safety 

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I use a specific kind of tapping that doesn't require words of affirmation. 

The result? Tapping that lights up the brain, activates the vagus nerve and makes your heart beat slower

Understanding the effects of trauma on the brain, body and behaviour, including how it can shape a human's worldview, relationships, and responses to stress...

I strive to create an environment that's sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors, avoiding re-traumatisation and fostering healing and resilience.

AKA getting into your body.

We'll explore a range of techniques and practices centered around the body's sensations, movements, and experiences to help you regulate your CNS.

When you know how the brain makes you feel all the feels... and how to help you feel safer *without* more mindset work...

You can sustainably tap into your Inner Warrior and Sage to help you feel like you can breathe freely again.

  • Feel more at ease with your self
  • Become your own coach and cheerleader
  • Experience peace, joy and confidence

My kind of coaching blends science with compassion that helps you:

The B.E.S.T Approach

The Caroline Shine difference

Brain Science

Emotional Freedom

Somatic Practices 


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Silvy Codde
Mind, Body, Soul Coach

And take the next smallest step towards finally getting my message across.

She is so majestic at seeing my brilliance, even before I could see it.

Not only does she hold space and let me come up with my answers to sort through the mess and drama and distill what my next step is...

She's also good at giving me practical solutions. And I just adore her copy.

I'm a big, big fan and I aspire to become my own version of Caroline in that way.

I just love how she intermingles techniques to down regulate my nervous system...

As well as give me practical tips...

I am in awe."

"Caroline's coaching has been instrumental in helping me ditch the overwhelm...

Standard One

I do not coach without consent.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

I do not sell without consent.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard two

Standard three

In marketing and selling, I will treat people the way I would treat my clients:

With respect, transparency, thoughtfulness and genuine care for their well-being.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard Four

The best that anyone can be in our presence is our thoughts about them.

I base all my work with clients in unconditional positive regard.

If I cannot feel unconditional positive regard for someone (and that’s okay because we’re human), I refer them out to someone who can.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard five

I understand that neither human development nor coaching happen in a social and political vacuum.

I will be outspoken about my values and make business decisions that reflect them.

I will never put profit above values. 

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard six

I believe in every human’s capacity for healing, change and growth, and the reality of miraculous quantum change.

AND I do not bypass slow, steady, repeated work and cultivation of the grounded presence it takes to stay with things that take time.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

My Pledge to You

Standard seven

The 10 Ethical Standards

I stay fiercely awake and present to pain and suffering inherent in life and the world.

However, I do not let it overwhelm me and stop me from believing in the magic and fun of coaching work.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard eight

I am open to all possibilities but am dogmatic about nothing.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard nine

I don’t do gurus. I don’t do cult-y thinking.

You are the best authority on you, the client is the best authority on themselves, and I do not endorse outsourcing decision-making or responsibility for how we experience the world and create our reality to anyone else.

My Pledge to You

Standard ten

The 10 Ethical Standards

I do not aim to be the perfect practitioner or perfect human.

I aim to learn, do a little better than yesterday, and have fun.

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