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By combining neuroscience and human physiology with judgement-free support to help you feel more at ease... with fear.

With practice and self-compassion, we'll gently but firmly:

  • Release the choking grip of fear – so you can "feel the fear but do it anyway"
  • Rediscover your You-y magic – the You before The Fear took over the front seat of your magical car
  • Reawaken your love of Life - so you can start exploring and have some bloody fun in this short but beautiful life

Stand The Fear Unconditionally

In my not-so-humble opinion, the brain is The Tit.

And this human will do everything in her royal power to make sure you STFU:


i help anxious humans

Forget the fact that I'm helping humans rest more, self-loathe less and do life-changing things by getting them out of their head and into their body.

Or all the things I’ve done to get where I am today. #yawn.

The braggier and not-so-boring bit?

I have 15+ years of unique, innovative, First-Class (ofc!) experience in:

Feeling shame and unworthy cos I didn’t become a:
  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • Trophy Wife
  • Golden Child
  • Human Rights Lawyer 
  • Birkin-wearing BosSBae
  • Ladylike And Elegant Laydee Mama who never loses her shit or gets shouty

Potato Lover, Mother and Wife of
The Whole Greek Alphabet Male

I’m also the recipient of 3 Gremlin’s Gotcha Good Awards for:

  • Buying and eating shit I didn’t need, to feel less shit for a New York minute
  • Convincing myself I was broken and doing all the things and spending lots of coin to “fix” myself
  • Feeling like the biggest Imposter and Fraud who overcompensated for her perceived lack of skills by doing more more more! 

But that's not all! 

A nervous system regulation + somatic coach who helps anxious humans feel at EASE

Hi, I'm Caroline

WHO TF is this bech and why should I trust her?

But the shine-iest thing I'm grateful for?

I was also incredibly skilled at:

  • Intermittent Self-Loathing (18:6)
  • Having no boundaries
  • 24/7 People-Pleasing
  • Gaslighting myself 
  • Toxic perfectionism
  • Undercharging and “over giving”
  • Second-guessing my abilities and talents
  • Putting everyone’s needs above my own happiness all the time
  • Blaming the world and other bottomholes for all my “problems”


Results: from shit to good, but it wasn't sustainable to keep "healing" myself.

What was making me dip in and out of hyper-to-always-there-in-the-background anxiety and I'm-never-getting-outta-bed depression wasn't my highly sensitive and "weak" personality...

The reason why I felt okay one moment and convinced myself I was a sad sack of shit the next wasn't my poor self-esteem...

My inability to feel worthy of love, connection and money wasn't because I was a shit entrepreneur who wasn't cut out for biz...

(according to the 6+7 figure programs I'd joined and didn't finish... tbh they felt so un-Me or made me think, 'Fuck this shit')


The source of my decades-long wrongness and brokenness wasn't what I believed... 

The Facepalm discovery that

The Magical Source of My Ease and dis-ease?

Fuck mindset*.

How can you control, change or affect your:
  •  Thoughts
  •  Beliefs 
  •  Mind

... when your "operating software" that makes human-ing possible has a glitch?

How could you possibly feel safe in your head and body when your cerebral software is on the blink?

In my desperate attempts to reduce the stress of being inside my brain – doing everything I could to get outta my head...

I forgot it was my brain and its operating software AKA The Nervous System that was the source of my grief and the solution.


I discovered my dysregulated nervous system – and more specifically, low vagus nerve tone –  poo-pooed my physical and psychological well-being.

I finally understood why I felt the things I felt and thought the things I thought...

And why all the:
  • Psychotherapy, CBT and medications felt like a bandaid solution till the next "crisis"
  • Mindset work, affirmations, woo et al, couldn't give me long-lasting relief from my struggles
  • Programs, memberships, masterminds and biz blueprints couldn't help me create the kind of business I was desperate to run and love

My failure to adhere to the incompatible-to-my-brain-programs and "solutions" only made me feel worse about myself...

And deepened the grooves in my brain that connected "success" to not-enoughness.

So when I made the connection between how my brain was operating to how I was feeling, a giant weight lifted off my shoulders:

I wasn't broken

But the way my brain was trying to keep me safe was. 

My Nervous System

My Brain

The Queen of All Bodily Happenings, The Thor-ess of Thoughts and Empress of Emotions


A whole bunch of cnuty unresolved traumas

Which cnut gifted me a flabby vagus nerve? #rood

That made me cycle through
the 4f trauma responses

Think Bridget Jones on
<insert stimulant or depressant of your choice>

Which boiled down to an incredibly empowering fact:

Once I figured out how to regulate my nervous system, I never had to rely on anyone or anything to be able to calm, soothe and heal myself. 

My sense of agency increased.

My fear to show up as 100% me decreased.

And I finally felt free to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do with business AND life.

Sans shrooms, witch brooms or woo.
(I still dabble in woo, but it's no longer a fix-me pill.)

My response to hustle culture.

Meaning: I could change the way I was thinking, feeling and living by simply regulating my nervous system.

Meaning: it can change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganising its structure, functions, or connections°.

Cos I knew from eons of brain-tingling neuroscience study that the brain is a plastic mothertrucker

And Thank ganesha for this discovery

  • Minimal to no generalised anxiety – the kind that was lurking 24/7

  • My love and appreciation of my life returned and grew like a mothertrucker

  • Inner sense of self-worth – I feel worthy as a worthy thing just for breathing

  • Boundaries of boron – because I feel safe to say NO. I no longer please others to feel better about myself or feel ABCDEFG enough. I am already enough

  • Strengthened my self-compassion which allowed me to make mistakes and keep going, even when things got hella hard

  • Started to un-shame the parts of me I thought were wrong, and in the process found the unique medicine I'm meant to share with the humans who need it

  • Better sleep which we all know has about 111 benefits

  • Slowing down of thoughts which used to leave me exhausted, anxious and doubting myself

  • Self-love – the same kind of fierce love I extend to my kiddo and husband

  • Attracting more like-minded humans who do epic things from jet-setting C-suite folk to full-time stay-at-home parents with side gigs who create joy and curiosity in 12 year olds… tldr fellow yummy humans who wanna human better 

  •  Showing up as my <insert all the things> self  – cos I felt safe. More importantly, I could create a sense of safety when I moved into nervous system activation

My personal experiences with

Regulating The Nervous System

...It would delight my deltoids and rock my rectus abdominus to coach you and your beautiful brain-body back to safety 

Becoming whoever you want to be, and doing what pulls at your heart – cos you *know* you can handle anything that comes your way

(you can access the magic secret sauce of courage and resilience with some help from yours truly)


Experimenting with a body-brain-first approach to regulate your nervous system – to make sustainable and powerful changes to how you manage stress and fear



Living in alignment with your values, desires and lifestyle... and doing it with unapologetic YOU-ess and joy – even if it means it seems less "successful" than your family and friends


Doing YOU and Life YOUR way… and feel as worthy as a worthy thing just for BREATHING (and not cos of a job title, house or Flashy Thing)


If you're an anxious human who's all for

So, my fellow human...

Letting go of shame, inability to say NO and feelings of not-enoughness 

Get started

SUPER Tasty testies* from

Super Tasty Humans

*short for testimonials

Ry Schwartz
Launch Consultant, Author and Lead Coach at Empire Engineering For Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators

Sara Sheriff
Artist, Doll-Maker and Founder of Wildwood Maker

Standard One

I do not coach without consent.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

I do not sell without consent.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard two

Standard three

In marketing and selling, I will treat people the way I would treat my clients:

With respect, transparency, thoughtfulness and genuine care for their well-being.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard Four

The best that anyone can be in our presence is our thoughts about them.

I base all my work with clients in unconditional positive regard.

If I cannot feel unconditional positive regard for someone (and that’s okay because we’re human), I refer them out to someone who can.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard five

I understand that neither human development nor coaching happen in a social and political vacuum.

I will be outspoken about my values and make business decisions that reflect them.

I will never put profit above values. 

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

Standard six

I believe in every human’s capacity for healing, change and growth, and the reality of miraculous quantum change.

AND I do not bypass slow, steady, repeated work and cultivation of the grounded presence it takes to stay with things that take time.

The 10 Ethical Standards

My Pledge to You

My Pledge to You

Standard seven

The 10 Ethical Standards

I stay fiercely awake and present to pain and suffering inherent in life and the world.

However, I do not let it overwhelm me and stop me from believing in the magic and fun of coaching work.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard eight

I am open to all possibilities but am dogmatic about nothing.

My Pledge to You

The 10 Ethical Standards

Standard nine

I don’t do gurus. I don’t do cult-y thinking.

You are the best authority on you, the client is the best authority on themselves, and I do not endorse outsourcing decision-making or responsibility for how we experience the world and create our reality to anyone else.

My Pledge to You

Standard ten

The 10 Ethical Standards

I do not aim to be the perfect practitioner or perfect human.

I aim to learn, do a little better than yesterday, and have fun.

Never without

A cup of tea and a Shakti mat

favoUrite TRAVEL memory

Every Koh Yao Noi and Portugese adventure

probably listening to

Bach, 2000s RnB and Alan Watts

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Titbits about This Tit

self-indulgent but revealing bit

*Legal Name

Caroline Betz

I'm as irreverent + sassy off-duty as I'm serious about my Werk: very

Personality trait confession

A few things I beleive

Kindness and curiosity first.

A few things I beleive

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

A few things I beleive

Money can buy you happiness. But it can't buy you inner peace.

A few things I beleive

A nap is more productive than a Pomodoro session.

A few things I beleive

Humanity over Hermès.

(I do like Hermès, tho lol )

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